#mcqueens15 Twitter Guidelines

  • Welcome to @McQueens15! Our conference hashtag is #mcqueens15.
  • Live-tweeting of panels is encouraged, so don’t be insulted by the sight of phones and laptops out during your talk.
  • If you’d prefer your talk stay off the record, please say so.
  • If you plan on live-tweeting, give your followers some advance notice so they can expect a flock of tweets from you.
  • Use live-tweeting as a chance to get to know other conference attendees and to promote the work of presenters with your network.
  • Sit towards the back of the room when live-tweeting so you don’t distract other audience members.
  • Presenting and on twitter? Consider writing your twitter handle on the board or your title slide so live-tweeters can tag you.
  • If you work in a sub-discipline with an active twitter community, share your preferred hashtags on the board or title slide. For example:
    • Environmental historians use #envhist to reach out to an international community.
    • Remember: everyone’s favourite hashtag is #mcqueens15
  • Never start a tweet with someone’s handle as this will only go to people who follow both of you. Add a period before the “@” or restructure your message. For example:
    • “@McQueens15 will be great!” will only go to those who follow both you and @McQueens15.
    • “.@McQueens15 will be great!” or “I’m excited for @McQueens15” will go to all of your followers whether or not they follow @McQueens15.

Want to know more? Check out the following links:

Brian Croxall, “Ten Tips for Tweeting at Conferences” via The Chronicle of Higher Education

Lily Herman, “Five Tips for Using Social Media During Conferences” via Mashable

Ernesto Priego, “Live-tweeting at academic conferences: 10 rules of thumb” via The Guardian

And for broader conference tips and etiquette endorsed by the Emily Post Institute, see Stacey Patton’s “How Not to Be a Jackass at Your Next Academic Conference” via Vitae.



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