Past Conferences

Previous Conference Themes and Keynote Addresses

2004 March 11-13, at McGill University
John Hall (McGill University) – “Transatlantic Images of Belonging”

2005 at Queen’s University
Ronald N. Harpelle (Lakehead University) – “Alternate Approaches to History”

2006 March 16-18, at McGill University
Natalie Zemon Davis (Princeton University) – “Trickster Travels: A Sixteenth-Century Muslim between Worlds”

2007 March 16-17, at Queen’s University
Franca Iacovetta (University of Toronto) – “The Gendered Politics of Citizenship in Cold War Canada”

2008 Negotiating Histories / Discuter d’histoires March 13-15, at McGill University
Karen Dubinsky (Queen’s University) – “Adoption and the Symbolic Child in a Global Era: A Personal/Scholarly Odyssey Through Canada, Cuba and Guatemala”

2009 Forward through the Rearview Mirror? Reassessing History as a Medium March 13-14, at Queen’s University
A.B. McKillop (Carleton University) – “Engaging History: Historians, Storytelling, and Self”

2010 Making Networks, Making History / Construire des réseaux, Faire l’Histoire March 12-13, at McGill University
David Hancock (University of Michigan) – “Networks and the Biology of History”

2011 Where the Archive Ends: A Graduate Conference on History and Its Uses March 11-12, at Queen’s University
R.W. Sandwell (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto) – “On Historians and their Audiences: An Argument for Teaching (and not just writing) History”

2012 Shaping Space(s), Telling Time(s) – Explorer l’espace, déchiffrer le temps March 2-4, at McGill University
Alan MacEachern (University of Western Ontario) – “On A History of Canada’s Size”

2013 Interstices: The Past and Its Relevance to the Present March 1-2, at Queen’s University
Heather MacDougall (University of Waterloo) – “Rethinking Healthcare’s Past and Present: History and Current Policy Debates”

2014 Secrecy and Subversion, February 28-March 1, at McGill University.
Caroline Elkins (Harvard University) – “Colonial Violence and the Archives: Rewriting the End of the British Empire”
Elena Razlogova (Concordia University) – “The Snoopiest Nation: Radical Lawyers v. FBI Informers in 1970s United States”